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Content and Copywriting

I help your business grow with compelling content and copywriting. Distinguish your brand with messaging that grabs your reader’s attention and holds it.

I have a track record of crafting deeply-researched articles that engage audiences and broaden reach. I am a trusted ghostwriter collaborating with businesses in multiple sectors, including Bio-Tech, Sustainability initiatives, decentralized SaaS, Ag-Tech and Health-and-Wellness brands.

Decades of international experience enhance my ability to adapt to different situations and work with people from diverse backgrounds.

At Key Capital Hong Kong, our focus is helping people build their companies and achieve their ambitions. Establishing trusted partnerships and supporting their mission is essential when designing the right product for the right audience. We build skilled teams to execute and find the best partners.
Clear, concise communication is essential at every step of the development process. This is why we have partnered with Tim Morch for content development and communications strategies. Tim has proven his ability to quickly get up to speed with our client’s unique markets and understand their objectives to create effective approaches that enhance their brands.
His writing and editing skills as a native English language speaker ensure our multi-lingual, international brands communications are accurate and effective. He is resourceful, reliable, and collaborative, delivering on time and on budget.

Richard Joye, KCHK
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