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About Tim Morch

After completing a degree in Mass Communications at Carleton University, I remained in Ottawa and started a communications consulting business. Fighting my way into meetings earned clients one by one. The core business was media analysis: helping clients make sense of media coverage and its impact. My reports helped shape decisions and form the basis of corporate and government policy.

In August 1992, I made a life shift, sold everything and climbed aboard a mountain bike. Somewhere along that 12,000km ride from Ottawa to southern Mexico, a light went on and I never looked back. I am a chronic traveller continually discovering and appreciating the diversity that binds humanity. My freelance travel writing and photographs have been published in travel, kayaking, surf, and other magazines.

Like any migratory species, I returned to Canada when the temperatures climb, grabbing work in a variety of industries and plumping up in preparation for the next adventure. Whether managing the service department of a marina, trading Harleys, or running construction and property management projects, I have learned that customer relations skills are essential.

I apply lessons learned in multiple industries and travel to create clear, concise copy and craft messages that resonate.

  • Listening: to understand individual needs

  • Collaborating: to develop and implement solutions

  • Producing: to consistently deliver and earn trust

I help start-ups and established brands create relevant, impactful messaging to spotlight your brand and its values. From websites and content creation to communications strategies and social media blasts ~ engaging content that informs and entertains.


I am most likely to be found in the cockpit of a sea kayak, aboard a motorcycle or bicycle, riding a wave, hiking a remote trail, and exploring the world. My international experiences have heightened my cultural awareness and shaped my ability to adapt to different situations and work with people of different backgrounds.

Let's talk. I strive to gain your confidence and earn your trust as we build a relationship together.

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