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About Tim Morch

I have been a freelance writer for over 25 years, working with clients around the globe.

I create messaging that highlights the values of your brand.

Whether you are looking for deeply researched long-form articles, website content, blogs, social media posts,

or press releases, I am here to ensure that your message reaches the right people.


Some history:

After completing a degree in Mass Communications from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada, I immediately started a communications consulting business. The core business was media analysis: helping clients make sense of media coverage and its impact. My reports helped shape decisions and form the basis of corporate and government policy.

I travel - as in a lot. And side hustles in multiple industries around the globe taught me:

  • Listening: to understand individual needs

  • Collaborating: to develop and implement solutions

  • Producing: to consistently deliver and earn trust

I take pride in my work and strive to create content that resonates with your readers. I believe that effective communication should be clear, concise, and engaging. My goal is to always deliver messaging tailored to fit your needs.

I help create messaging campaigns that spotlight your brand and its values with engaging content that informs and entertains.


I am most likely to be found in the cockpit of a sea kayak, aboard a motorcycle or bicycle, riding a wave, hiking a remote trail, and exploring the world. These international experiences have heightened my cultural awareness and shaped my ability to adapt to different situations and work with people of different backgrounds.

I work hard to gain your confidence and earn your trust as we build a relationship together.

Tim Morch | Freelance Writer
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