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I studied Mass Communications at Carleton University, in Ottawa, ON, Canada in the 80s. On graduating, I started a communications consulting business in Ottawa, fighting my way into meetings and earning clients one by one. I developed a reputation among government and private clients as an effective writer, reliable researcher, and competent consultant.

My core business was media analysis: helping clients make sense of media coverage and its impact. My reports shaped decisions and formed the basis of corporate and government policy. I am an experienced content developer, strategist, freelance writer, and editor with a solid track record of delivering on time and on budget.

In August 1992, I made a life shift, sold everything and climbed aboard a mountain bike. Somewhere along that 12,000km ride from Ottawa to southern Mexico, the light went on and I never looked back. Since then, I travel six months or more each year. From the Americas to Africa, and Asia to India, I continue to discover the diversity that binds humanity. My freelance travel writing and photographs have been published in travel, kayaking, surf, and other magazines.

Like any migratory species, I return to Canada when the temperatures climb, grabbing work in a variety of industries and plumping up in preparation for the next adventure. Whether managing the service department of a marina, buying/selling Harleys, or running construction and property management projects, I have learned that heightened customer relations skills is essential.

Listening to each client is essential to understand their needs and develop a collaborative strategy. Consistently delivering promises made earns trust and repeat customers. These skills are essential in developing, implementing, and managing communications strategies to refine your message, engage your audience, and grow your brand.

I work with your brand to assess where you are and where you can get to by:

  • Establishing relevant, measurable, and attainable goals.

  • Identifying stakeholders and deliver brand messages that resonate.

  • Using the right channels to reach the right demographic.

  • Engaging your audience with authentic storytelling that highlights who you are and what you represent.

  • Building better brand communications and content management for websites,  marketing, and social.

I encourage you to push boundaries with clear and honest messaging that informs, entertains and engages.

Why not put your company on this list? I will gain your confidence and earn your trust as we build a relationship together.

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