What People say about Tim Morch

"Tim’s incredible attention to detail is only matched by the passion he puts into everything he takes on."

Mike Colledge, President, Public Affairs, Ipsos Canada

"Tim is a true renaissance man. Skilled and knowledgeable in world Eco travel, diving, construction,  photography, world issues and the art of motorcycle maintenance."

Matt Kenny CIM |Portfolio Manager, Vice President | BMO Nesbitt Burns

"I have known Tim Morch for over 20 years. He has been part of Motion Dynamics from the beginning, developing website and photographic content for the launch of my business. Tim edited my book "The Beauty of Posture" and contributed photos. He is a skilled writer and editor, and regular contributor on our social media platforms."

Chris Watts, Motion Dynamics Ltd


"Tim Morch is an adventurer, thought provoking explorer, excellent photographer, a most intelligent truth seeker with an abundant loving heart, a great contributor to the community, whichever it is, who brings his unique and irreplaceable value to everything he does, as well as one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world."

Noa Eyal, Israel

"Tim's endless travels across the globe have given him insight and perspective that lend immense creativity and a highly strategic mind that he brings to every project he takes on. He never sees problems - only solutions."

Jen C. Birch, Ipsos Canada

"A confident, compassionate, gregarious, adventurous, independently minded mofo whose curiousity, gumption and adaptability serve him well on land, though by nature he is a marine mammal and may well have gills."

Cam Taylor, Nerve Media

"Tim is a 21st century Artisan! He can do anything!  Fix an engine, Build a web page, construct a house."

Aldo Paganelli, President and CEO, Toronto Zenith

"Someone you rely on and someone who understood that power without control is nothing."

Mathias Roehl, Director Global Managed Services OTRS AG, Nuremburg, Germany

"I have worked with Tim and found him very co operative and knowledgeable.  It was with regret that Tim did not stay longer."
Peter Hurst, President, Hurst Marina

"Straight - clear - smiling - thick - radio - concrete - standing - helpful - pretty nice - storyteller - charming - natural - focused - work attitude - attitude - you're true - skilled - versatile - Canadian - open - aligned - adventurous - protector - big brother - you care - you're a rider - coherent - etc."

Jean-Daniel Sciboz, Key Capital Hong Kong

"Tim is a close friend, a superb travel mate, and a fabulous trek mate.  Unfortunately far away from Italy, but always available in case of need. Tim is easygoing, discrete, always smiling and focused on practicalities. His lifestyle is a perfect balance between duty and pleasure. He's a free spirit, sometimes a bit too "cerebral" for my Mediterranean and hot-blooded soul. Tim is extremely honest and straightforward. I could travel everywhere together with him. Smart guy."

Roberta Busnelli, Italy

A Haiku about Tim Morch:

"A friend of many

Supporter of those in need

Always enjoys life!"
Mike McCracken

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