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I am a chronic traveller. You might find me in the cockpit of a sea kayak, hiking a backcountry trail, riding a wave, cycling single-track or riding a motorcycle on another adventure. I dream of becoming a freelance travel writer when I grow up, but for now I'm content living life to its fullest.

Surf Sumatra
Well off the beaten path, West Lampung, Sumatra, offers plenty of world class surf. In peak season, the waves around Krui are big and powerful. There are a dozen breaks within a 30 minute motorcycle ride and more further afield. They are gaining recognition, and rightly so. Off season is more my size and, even at that time of year, there was plenty of power to knock us about.  In February, 2011, I was joined by nephew Matt to ride some waves and get a taste of the local culture.  We discovered a warm and welcoming community. Read "Waveski Wipeout" here.

Beautiful Bali


Bali has been a popular destination for decades, although it is becoming overly touristic and crowded. Some who come never leave, others return frequently. Whether a relaxing seaside vacation, world-class surfing, or to explore the lush tropical jungles of the interior, Bali offers a diverse experience. In 2006, I spent a month criss-crossing the island and found friendly and welcoming folk everywhere. It is easy to get around the island and accommodation is everywhere, with a range to suit any budget.

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