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I am a chronic traveller. You might find me in the cockpit of a sea kayak, hiking a backcountry trail, riding a wave, cycling single-track or riding a motorcycle on another adventure. I dream of becoming a freelance travel writer when I grow up, but for now I'm content living life to its fullest.

Yunnan Province


In the fall of 2006, I set off to explore Yunnan Province with my friend Juergen.  We landed in Kunming, "City of Eternal Spring", where we spent a few nights before heading west to Dali, then north to Lijiang, Shangri-La, Deqin and the Meili Snow Mountains.  An amazing experience that offered insight into the Naxi, YI and Bai ethnic cultures, not to mention spectacular vistas along the way.

As a freelance writer, there were plenty of tales to record and recount: Discovering Yunnan, a walk through Tiger Leaping Gorge and a hike to The Sacred Waterfall are a few of the many adventures.

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