Kenya to Capetown, 1998/1999


In October, 1998, I flew to Nairobi, Kenya, with my partner Kelly. We landed in a somber city a few days after the U.S. Embassy was bombed. The view of the rubble from the window our the taxi left a lasting impression. Our primary objective was to get out of the city and reach the coast north of Mombasa. This proved an adventure on its own.

Over the next six months we traveled through eastern Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and down the west coast of South Africa to Capetown, hitch-hiking most of the way and sleeping in a tent. Our experiences were as diverse and colourful as the countries we visited and people we met along .


In Capetown, we hired a car and followed the coastal routes all the way to Sodwana Bay, near the border with Mozambique.  The ocean was a constant, as were beaches, surf breaks and an powerful insight at the extremes separating poverty and wealth.  Heading inland, we visited Swaziland, Kruger National Park and finally Johannesburg.


The countries we visited were diverse in so many ways.  From language and culture to climate and geography, the experience was challenging and rewarding.



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