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Developing and writing website content for this exciting new startup destined to redefine the silk protein market and deliver tested products for cosmetics and medical applications.

Tim Morch was at the table when Motion Dynamics™ was formed. He has promoted and positioned the development and growth of the company, drawing on experience as a writer and photographer. Tim developed and wrote website content for the original launch of the company and worked closely with graphic designer Astried Huebner of pixelfee78 to refine the look.

From the Motion Dynamics™ Training Manuals to Chris Watts' book “The Beauty of Posture”, Tim's hand has been in the mix.


Tim was instrumental in the 2018 re-launch of the Motion Dynamics™ Ltd brand, re-branding the company as a global presence in his capacity as Communications & Content Manager.

Writing, editing and refining English language content for the Kanopeo GmbH website. This project involved extensive consultation with the client to accurately translate the sense of the French and German websites and ensure correct representation of product. Visiting the Kanopeo "test track" at Zermatt, CH, to view the product in action and develop a solid working knowledge of the product line to effectively communicate with existing and potential partners.

Researching company history and writing a number of articles, including "The Evolution of the Revolution".

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