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Researching and writing social media content for Hong Kong's leading stretch therapy clinic focused on health and wellness. Content blend includes promotional material, advice and newsworthy items relevant to clients and the industry.


Developing hashtags and branded links to enhance brand recognition and promote the corporate philosophy.

Increasing engagement rates across all platforms, most notably Instagram and Facebook.

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The “Kanopeo Is ...” social media campaign highlights industry firsts, technology and innovations and, establishes the credibility of the corporate brand. It identifies Kanopeo GmbH as the industry leader in technology and innovation. This campaign was dripped across all corporate social media accounts at regular intervals.

The "Featured Builder" social media campaign highlights stories of aerial adventure park builders that use Kanopeo technology to boost engagement with partners. This has generated substantial interest from other partners and enhanced the Kanopeo corporate profile.

The "Park Openings" social media campaign was developed to highlight aerial adventure parks that use Kanopeo technology. Another tool to boost engagement with park owners and operators and promote their business, the campaign has garnered media attention. It further establishes Kanopeo as a trusted industry leader and has resulted in increased website traffic and higher click through rates.

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