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Communications Strategies

Developing, implementing, and managing strategies to refine your message, engage your audience, and grow your brand.

Its starts with an audit of current communications strategies followed by developing a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based plan. The mission is to identify stakeholders, brand messages to promote, and effective channels to employ.

Implementation strategies for better brand communications include content management for websites, storytelling to engage the audience, primary research to highlight brand-specific data, and targeted social media campaigns.

Pushing traditional limits with messaging that informs, entertains and engages the target audience.

WHAT we do

Crafting client-centric content for branding and promotional campaigns.


Enhance user experience to increase engagement levels, boost traffic, and drive conversions.

Where will your customers find your brand?

Clear, concise communication of your corporate values and mission, and the products and services you offer.


Targeted messaging to establish credibility, engender trust, and strengthen your reputation.

Are your engaging your target audience?

Creating engaging stories to capture imaginations and broaden reach.


Establish brand values and reputation by building trust with long-term, measurable strategies.

Do your values and message align?

WHO we do it for

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Content Management

Content Management
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SeriTech management sought a content strategy to spotlight and promote its sustainable process of 'upcycling' silk waste into the natural proteins sericin and fibroin. Informative and engaging website content highlights the proven therapeutic and biomedical applications of these natural silk proteins, communicating the values and vision of the brand.

SeriTech has developed an innovative fast-detaching and dissolving micro-vector method that delivers its skincare product line and announced R&D into vaccine transfer using this technology.


When Chris Watts, Asia's leading stretch therapist, established his new brand, he leaned on Tim Morch to develop and manage content for corporate launch of Motion Dynamics Ltd.

For the 2018 re-branding of Motion Dynamics™ Ltd, Chris once again turned to his trusted communications partner. Working closely with the graphic designer, a refreshing new look emerged with ongoing content and messaging campaigns. As Communications & Content Manager, Tim engaged target audiences and enhanced brand recognition by creating a unique user experience for clients and prospects alike.

Tim edited Motion Dynamics™ Training Manuals and Chris Watts' book “The Beauty of Posture”.

Brand Communications

Brand Communications
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Storytelling is an effective technique that connects the reader to the brand on a more intimate level. By creating a personal connection to the brand, we become interested in delving further into the product.


"Silk and Me" introduces us to the company founder and explains her journey from from the silk farms of her youth in Northern Thailand to a lifelong quest to understand sericin, a natural protein found in discarded husks of the silk cocoons, its therapeutic applications, and the creation of SeriTech.

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With so many startups in the CBD market, differentiating your brand is critical to its success. Certification and transparency are two key elements in this process.

While Japan may seem an unlikely place to for a CBD startup, the level of trust associated with certified Japanese products is high. If your brand aspires to be a world leader, establishing its credentials is key.

JCBD Technologies promotes high-quality CBD products made and certified in Japan. This brand establishes trust by meeting stringent certification standards combined with transparency: leveraging blockchain technology to help partners, suppliers, distributors and customers access relevant, live, incontrovertible data about its products.

Campaign Creative: "Leading the aerial adventure industry to new heights"; "Engineered for Safety, Built for Life"; "You Can't Miss with Swiss"; "You're on a Roll with Saferoller"; "Run Free with Speedrunner".

"No Forest, No Problem"


Creative advertising and promotional campaigns and targeted email to enhance user experience for Hong Kong's leading stretch therapy clinic. Writing and editing advice articles and identifying new brand marketing opportunities.


Aligning corporate values and messaging to increase engagement rates and enhance brand recognition.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

Development and implementation social media strategies for Hong Kong's leading stretch therapy clinic focused on health and wellness. Content blend included promotional material, advice and newsworthy items relevant to clients and the industry. Develop hashtags and branded links to enhance brand recognition and promote the corporate purpose. 


Increased engagement rates across all platforms, most notably Instagram and Facebook.

  • @motiondynamicsltd
  • Motion Dynamics Ltd
  • @dynamics_motion
  • Motion Dynamcis Ltd
  • Motion Dynamics Ltd

Creative: “Kanopeo Is ...” highlighting industry firsts, to establish Kanopeo as an industry leader in technology and innovation. Campaign dripped across all corporate social media accounts at regular intervals.

Creative: "Featured Builder" storytelling campaign about aerial adventure park builders using Kanopeo technology to boost engagement with partners, generating engagement and enhancing corporate profile.

Creative: "Park Openings" campaign featuring aerial adventure parks using Kanopeo technology. Another tool to boost engagement with park owners and operators and promote their business, garnering media attention and further established Kanopeo as a trusted industry leader. Increased website traffic and higher click through rates.

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