Into the Islands


August, 2013: my old friend Cam Taylor and I set out on a short paddle from Picton, Ontario, to the 1000 Islands region.  We cruised the length of Adolphus Reach and across a section of the eastern end of Lake Ontario to Amherst Island where we camped the night.  Next day, we crossed to Wolfe Island, home to more than 85 controversial wind turbines that dot the island and shape its panorama.  We arrived at the east end of Wolfe Island as the sky opened and the rain came down in buckets.  After a closer inspection of one of the infamous turbines, we ended the day admiring a colourful sunset.  Day three, we paddled along the north shore of Wolfe Island, crossing to Howe Island and following its southern shore to Aubrey Island in the beginning of the 1000 Islands.  The final day was a gentle meander into the islands, Canada's famous Thousand Islands region, stopping at a friend's cottage near Ivy Lea.

Ramblin' on the Rideau


The Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously operating canal in North America. When completed in 1832, it connected Kingston with Montreal via Ottawa.  It was originally constructed to prevent against attacks from the United States and ensure the safe transfer of supplies from Montreal to Kingston as the St. Lawrence River bordering New York State left ships vulnerable.


Take note: the Rideau Canal is definitely worth paddling.  It is relatively easy, with easy access to supplies along the way.  There is camping at every lock for only $4.90 (as of 2012).  Go out and paddle the Rideau Canal while you can still enjoy it.

The Ottawa Valley Hunt


The very colourful 2010 Thanksgiving Hunt, co-hosted by Peter and Kay Leach.


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