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"My Story" introduces us to Saimai, the daughter of Thai silk farmers, named for the strands of silk. Growing up surrounded by mulberry trees and silk production shaped her future. A profound childhood memory was the soft skin of the women who handled the cocoons, leading her on a lifelong journey to understand sericin, an exceptional natural protein found in the discarded husks of the cocoons, its many therapeutic applications and the creation of SeriTech.

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JCBD Technologies promotes the highest quality CBD products made and certified in Japan, delivering them worldwide in the safest possible manner. We aspire to be recognized as the leader in CBD products and ingredients with multiple uses across a number of sectors, industries and geographies. 

Our first offerings are health products that meet stringent Japanese standards and satisfy the growing demands of Asian consumers.

Trust is not limited to quality alone, it is also about communication and transparency. We are developing a technological backbone to help our partners, suppliers, distributors and customers access relevant, live, incontrovertible data about our products.

Campaign Creative: "Leading the aerial adventure industry to new heights"; "Engineered for Safety, Built for Life"; "You Can't Miss with Swiss"; "You're on a Roll with Saferoller"; "Run Free with Speedrunner".

"No Forest, No Problem"

Creative and implementation for Hong Kong's leading stretch therapy clinic. Develop email campaigns; manage client database; create promotional material and advertisements; edit advice articles.


Define corporate purpose; enhance brand recognition; increase engagement rates across all platforms.

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