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Freshly armed with a degree in Mass Communications, young and inexperienced, I started a communications consulting business in Ottawa's burgeoning consulting industry. Hungry yet hopeful, I fought my way into meetings and earned the confidence of clients. Over time, and with persistence, I developed a reputation for being an effective writer, reliable researcher, and competent consultant. From simple editing jobs to contracts with government departments and corporate clients, I met targets and exceeded expectations.

As the number of clients grew, so did the scope of work. The core business was media analysis: helping clients make sense of media coverage and its impact. I developed reports and documents that shaped decisions and formed the basis of corporate and government policy. Clients included the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health and Welfare Canada, Employment and Immigration Canada, ACF Communications, Supply and Services Canada and more.


In August 1992, I climbed aboard a mountain bike, riding more than 12,000 km down the eastern seaboard of the US into Mexico, the mountains of Chiapas and around the Yucatan Peninsula. Since then, I have traveled the world an average of six months per year. From the Americas to Africa and Asia to India, I continue to discover the diversity that binds humanity. This has heightened my cultural sensitivity.

A variety of experience from the marina management to property management projects has enhanced my customer relations skills. Listening to each client is indispensable, understanding client needs and delivering consistently is what earns trust and repeat customers.

I craft communications strategies to refine your message and enhance your corporate profile in the digital world. From developing content for websites and branding communications to social media campaigns, I ensure a collaborative approach. Storytelling and creative ideation inform, entertain and engage your audience. An experienced content developer, strategist, writer and editor with a solid track record of delivering on time and on budget.


Corporate content management, brand communications and social media campaign clients include: JCBD, Japan; SeriTech, Thailand; Kingdom Gaz, Cambodia; Kanopeo GmbH, Switzerland's leading aerial industry designer/manufacturer; and, Motion Dynamics Ltd, Hong Kong's #1 stretch therapy clinic.


Why not put your company on this list? I will gain your confidence and earn your trust as we build a relationship together.

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