The Coconut Telegraph Issue 30

More paddling adventures, photos, commentary and observations.


Volume 30, April 2013

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 29

Take a trip with Ian Taylor and myself down the Andaman Coast of Thailand.  We paddled from Koh Phayam, near the Burma border, to Koh Tarutao, at the Malaysian border in three weeks.  560kms, 19 paddling days, 2 maintenance/rest days and a lot of awesome scenery!

Volume 29, March, 2013

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 28

It is always a true pleasure to return to the sea and to Koh Phayam.  the island has become my second home.  Meet some local Thai artists: Win is a painter and Em a tattoo artist.

And catch up with my old friend Chris Watts.

Volume 28, November, 2012

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 27

First stop on my migratory route this fall was Nice, France.

Nice is nice - check it out.


Volume 27, October, 2012


The Coconut Telegraph Issue 26

Summertime ... ooh ... ooh... summertime.

Sounds like a song, lives like a dream!

The Summer Edition is out.  Enjoy

Volume 26, September, 2012

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 25

A late season report from Koh Phayam, where good friends and good food equals good fun!

Volume 25, May, 2012

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 24

Its more fun in the Philippines: sea kayaking around Palawan Island, the Bacuit Archipelago, Coron and the Calamanian Islands was magical.  The geography, people and nature combined to make this a memorable voyage.  Check out some words and images.

Volume 24, April, 2012

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 23

Back to Thailand and back to Koh Phayam.  Life just could not get any better.  See for yourself!


Volume 23, December, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 22

Summer has come and gone in a flash.  Where did it go?  It seems that I have more memories than photos.  Nonetheless, here is a recap of the past months.


Volume 22, October, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 21

Spring has sprung.  Like the migratory birds, I have returned to Canada for another fun-filled season.  With the days warming, the action always heats up.

Enjoy the spring edition.

Volume 21, June, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 20

Another season has concluded.  More tales, more lies, more photos.

What else could you ask for ... OK, that is a loaded question.  You may ask, but receiving is a separate issue.

Please enjoy.

Volume 20, May, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 19

Another issue of the Coconut Telepgraph from Koh Phayam during "the month of rain".  I have never seen weather like this in March and the locals say the same.

Enjoy the read.

Volume 19, April, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 18

The Sumatran Surf Edition.

Krui lies in the southwest corner of Sumatra, the fifth largest island on the planet.  The surf here can reach epic proportions. 

We chose the "off season" where the wave size and power varies from small to dangerous. 

Our hosts at Paradise Surf Camp were magnificent and I would recommend this camp to anyone.  What a great place!

Volume 18, March, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 17

Welcome to the "Border to Border" sea kayak edition of The Coconut Telegraph.

Here are some vignettes from my paddle from Koh Phayam, near the Burma border, to the southern tip of Ko Tarutao, a few kilometers from the Malaysian border.

Please enjoy.

Volume 17, February, 2011

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 16

The Coconut Telegraph is "Sweet 16".

More gossip, banter and ruminations to help you smile.


Volume 16, December 8, 2010


The Coconut Telegraph Issue 15

I remember when there was no internet here.  And then, there were two computers at A-One Diving in the village.  If the birds sat just right on the wire, the wind blew a certain direction and the stars were in alignment, email worked.  Today, there is satellite internet everywhere - and now there are "air sticks".  This is the first "air stick" publication of The Coconut Telegraph.

Volume 15, November 18, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 14

It has been some time since the last Telegraph.  I am back in paradise and will do my best to keep the news flowing.  Check out the latest edition.

Volume 14, November 1, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 13

Lucky 13!

As the sun sets on another season, I offer the final Coconut Telegraph from Koh Phayam for the season.  But look for more in the future.

Volume 13, April, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 12
The Coconut Telegraph Issue 11

Spring has sprung and another edition of The Coconut Telegraph has sprouted.

Volume 11, March 20, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 10

Weaving for Women, The McCracken Education Fund, one night in Bangkok and more.

Volume 10, February, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 9

February - Olympics in Whistler and Ted will be there for some "Tech Talk".  Enjoy this edition.

Volume 9, February, 2010

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 8

The Coconut Telegraph returns to Koh Phayam for the season.

Volume 8, December 21, 2009

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 7

The Coconut Telegraph travels to Nepal.

Volume 7, November 2009

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 6

The Canadian Coconut Telegraph.

As I leave for Asia, I thought I should post at least one issue from Canada - enjoy.

Vol. 6, Sept. 16, 2009

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 5

Better late than never ...


Vol. 5, August 29, 2009

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 4


Seasons Greetings! I hope the old year was closed with power and the new rung in with passion.

It was great to return to Koh Phayam with sea kayaks. From Sangkhlaburi to Ranong we were the freak show passing through town: people pointed as we passed, commented when we stopped and gawked at the sight of two beautiful wood strip kayaks. There was quite a stir when we loaded them aboard the taxi boat to the island and even more when we unloaded on the pier. Nobody around here has seen such craftsmanship. The icing on the cake was when we set them down on the beach, put on our spray skirts and life jackets and paddled into a 20 knot onshore wind and one meter waves! Khun Brent at Sanghalei Canoe and Kayak would have loved it....

Vol. 4, January 16, 2009



The Coconut Telegraph Issue 3

In this issue of the Coconut Telegraph, we travel north to the town of Sangkhlaburi. Located 350km northwest of Bangkok, Sangkhlaburi is near the Three Pagodas Pass border with Burma. This region has as much a reputation for smuggling as for refugees and strife....

Vol. 3, December 21, 2008

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 2

Bangkok seems a world away. The protests have escalated to the point of closure of the two main airports. There are clashes in the streets, shots heard across the city and even bombs reported. The tourist industry is reducing staff by 25%, nearly 1 million people, with further cuts likely if the situation is not resolved soon....

Vol. 2, November 30, 2008

The Coconut Telegraph Issue 1

Welcome to the first official edition of the Coconut Telegraph!

The Coconut Telegraph is for solely for entertainment. The editorial policy is simple: print whatever we want; check no facts; enjoy humor; repeat rumor; and, pay absolutely no attention to journalistic standards.

If you have questions, comments, contributions or letters to the editor, please send them along. If you don not know my email address, you were probably not intended to be in my target audience.

Vol. 1, November, 2008

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