The Land of Smiles

Thailand was always a distant and exotic destination when I was a child.  It seemed so far and so different in my youthful imagination.

Well, it turns out that Thailand never got any closer as I grew older.  And when you first arrive in the Kingdom, it is definitely different.  Nonetheless, Thailand is a very unique country.

Culturally, Buddhism lies at the core of everything Thai and it can be witnessed in the the kind, gentle and considerate nature of most Thai people. 

Thailand is also the darling of the European tourist engine and has become very popular with the two-week vacation crowd.  Regretably, we bring our western ways and teach all sorts of bad habits.  And if you stay in Phuket, Koh Samui or Pattaya or other similar spots, you may enjoy the beach and miss the culture entirely.  You may even have some of the bad habits come back in your face.  Further from those well-known and culturally polluted tourist hot spots, Thailand retains its old word charm.

After all these years visiting the country, I remain enchanted by the people and places that make up this exotic land.  I hope you enjoy some of my experiences.

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