Volume 1, November 2008

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The Coconut Telegraph

Tech Talk with Ted

Ted explores the air filter, proper air flow, and the ravages of the tropical environment.


Welcome to the first official edition of the Coconut Telegraph!

The Coconut Telegraph is for solely for entertainment.  The editorial policy is simple: print whatever we want; check no facts; enjoy humor; repeat rumor; and, pay absolutely no attention to journalistic standards.

If you have questions, comments, contributions or letters to the editor, please send them along.  If you don't know my email address, you were probably not intended to be in my target audience.



Loi Krathong

Happy Loi Krathong!

On the November Full Moon, Thai people celebrate Loi Krathong.  This year it is the 12th.

Traditionally, small lotus shaped baskets or boats made of banana leaves containing flowers, incense, candles and coin are floated on rivers, lakes and canals.  Here on the island, the Thai people float them in the sea.  As the island is a mix of Thai cultures, many also launch hot air paper balloons, a northern tradition.





Morch from the Porch

Abstract thoughts, musings and idol banter.



Survival Tips

When nature attacks

Strategies to stay safe.

The Beach Report

Waves, women and other observations.