Volume 2, November 30, 2008

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"Use it or lose it."

Ted examines a seized generator.

Bangkok seems a world away.  The protests have escalated to the point of closure of the two main airports.  There are clashes in the streets, shots heard across the city and even bombs reported.  The tourist industry is reducing staff by 25%, nearly 1 million people, with further cuts likely if the situation is not resolved soon.

It is difficult to wade through the rhetoric firing back and forth from the various camps, but it seems that the PAD party is garnering support.  The Bangkok Post reports the army has refused to intervene and that the police were ordered to open the airports.  What ensues is anybody's guess.  The protestors say they will fight to the death.  Meanwhile, pro-government supporters from Isaan and the north are reported to be coming to Bangkok.  If the two camps meet in the street, observers suggest there could be a civil war.

Tourists are certainly talking about the situation with many already receiving notification that flights are cancelled as far away as December 5th.


On the lighter side, the inaugural Koh Phayam Festival took place on November 24th.  Several dignitaries from Ranong, including the Governor of the Province and the Mayor of Ranong were in attendance.  Locals and farang did a great job of decorating the village, organizing a variety of events and making the grey and rainy day a lot of fun.

Kayak racing, sea boxing, fishing and cooking were the daytime events followed by a classic "whoop-up" in the village.

I was interviewed by Channel 7 News and my smiling face will be shown across the country in the coming days.


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