McCracken Education Fund

Education, the key to a better future, better opportunities and a better life.  Nobody knows that more the Mike McCracken.  For the past five years, Mike has sponsored the further education of two of Daisy's grandsons; Pa Thong and Thu Lay Wah.  I like to refer to the support of the McCracken family as the McCracken Education Fund in honor of CiCi.

Initially, the boys attended the private Daruna School in Kanchanaburi and maintained consistently good grades.  When the financial crisis hit, Daruna was forced to close one of its campuses and the Kanchanburi campus was axed.  The second campus, in Ratchaburi, is not far away, but it added even more distance between the boys and their families in Sangkhlaburi.

Daruna did not fail its students, however, and the boys were able to transfer to Archiwat University in Kanchanaburi with full equivalencies.  In the next days, the boys will have completed the equivalent of a college degree which earns them the right to apply to a Bangkok University and earn a recognized degree.

Not to be outdone by their father, Mary and Cricket McCracken chose to sponsor girls.  May Nine and Sapparot have lived with Daisy all their lives and are part of her extended family. They are the first girls to receive support from the MEF. They study at different campuses, one in Kanchanburi, the other in Ratchaburi.  The girls are also solid students and Daisy tells me that they have settled into life away from home nicely.

Fitting into the new surroundings is always one of the major hurdles when the Burmese students leave the border area.  They are outsiders and the Thai students are often rude and even aggressive towards them.  The challenges of succeeding scholastically as well as "on the street" are increased for students like Pa Thong, thu Lay Wah, May Nine and Sapparot.  We are all very pleased with their success.

So, with the support of the McCracken Education Fund, these four students are helping improve their opportunities.  And Daisy assures me they will succeed!

Sapparot and May Nine

Pa Thong

Thu Lay Wah