Sea Kayaking the Andaman Coast III

The Andaman Coast of Thailand offers so much diversity that I paddled from Ranong in the north to Satun in the south for a third time.  Ian Taylor and I departed December 23, 2013, and enjoyed an excellent month on the sea.

This adventure revealed new islands and beaches, increased insight into coastal village lifestyle and plenty of amazing vistas.

Join us on another run down the coast.


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Sea Kayak Eastern Lake Ontario and the 1000 Islands

August, 2013: my old friend Cam Taylor and I set out on a short paddle from Picton, Ontario, to the 1000 Islands region.  We cruised the length of Adolphus Reach and across a section of the eastern end of Lake Ontario to Amherst Island where we camped the night.  Following the southern shore of the island the next day, we then crossed to Wolfe Island.

Wolfe Island is home to more than 85 controversial wind turbines that dot the island and shape its panorama.  We arrived at the east end of Wolfe Island as the sky opened and the rain came down in buckets.  After a closer inspection of one of the infamous turbines we ended the day admiring a colourful sunset.

Next day, we paddled along the north shore of Wolfe Island, crossing to Howe Island and following its southern shore to Aubrey Island in the beginning of the 1000 Islands.  The final day was a gentle meander through more of the islands ending near Ivy Lea.

To check out some photos, CLICK HERE.

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Sea Kayaking Pha Nga Bay

Pha Nga Bay, Thailand, is a world famous destination.  The karst limestone formations soar vertically from the depths of the ocean to several hundred meters.  From James Bond Island to the "hongs" (rooms) on several islands, it is well known to tourists worldwide.

I took a 9 day trip with my friend Detlef around Pha Nga Bay in late January.  We paddled around most of the bay, making over 220km.

Pha Nga Bay is a National Park, so when the day is over, the tourists are gone and the islands are peaceful.

Take a tour with us and CLICK HERE.

The Coconut Telegraph

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The Coconut Telegraph

South Star Surf Bar

The first dedicated surf shop on Koh Phayam.

South Star has a complete range of short and long boards for rent and select used boards for sale.  It is the only place on Koh Phayam to offer SUP and waveski rental.

Leashes, fins and wax for sale.

Rustic bungalows, relaxed bar and chill-out areas.

Come for an empty wave, a cold beer, a hot coffee or just to relax.

Surf Koh Phayam

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